Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The Challenges

  • Companies protect capital assets against loss but do little to ensure that their business operations can continue after a crisis or disastrous event.
  • IT-focused Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) will restore critical computer applications, data and facilities but the typical DRP will not ensure that the business can continue to operate.
  • Manual procedures and paper-based records and files need to be protected along with the automated processes and electronic records of a company.

BCP Objectives

The survival of your business:

ITA Consulting Services

  • Business functions, both manual and automated, will continue to operate following a crisis or disaster.
  • Critical staff and information resources (electronic and non-electronic) are protected against loss.
  • Impacts on your business are minimized when short-term disruptions occur.
  • Teams responsible for business resumption know their roles and react quickly.

The ITA Approach

We will lead your organization through the development, implementation and testing of effective Business Continuity Plans. Our methodology includes the participation of your key business and IT personnel and covers:

  • Assessment of your existing business continuity and disaster recovery plans - what works and what doesn't.
  • Business Impact Assessments including the identification of critical business functions and other critical resources - each function, staff position, information resource and computer system will be assessed based on the potential business impact of a loss. We will focus on the 10-20% of your business that is truly critical.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation - to identify threats and eliminate or reduce the negative impact on the company should interruptions or disasters occur.
  • Continuity Team Organization - primary and alternate membership, roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined.
  • Alternate Business Locations will be identified for all critical business functions and computing facilities. Facilities planning and design for alternate work area recovery will be undertaken.
  • Business Continuity Scripts will be written for each critical business function and resource.
  • Live and Paper Tests of the BCP will be designed and carried out to confirm the validity of the plans.

An Evergreen Process

ITA Systems can provide ongoing maintenance of the BCP to ensure that changes in your business environment are evaluated from a business continuity and risk/impact perspective.